Island Tours
In partnership with Sealand Venture Tours, Ocean vista Inn offers assistance in drafting your dream holiday. We give advice on the best island tours to take, depending on your activity preference, date availability and the local weather forecast. We facilitate in booking island Tour A to D, with promotional prices that are exclusive for checked-in guests.

Sibaltan Island Tours
Explore the unspoiled beaches in sibaltan, a town that is only an hour drive away from El Nido. Discover why this destination is slowly garnering the attention of tourists who are visiting Palawan.

In-Land Tour
If bad weather will not allows tourist to do island hopping during their stay, we can offer alternative in-land tours which will bring you to nearby tourist destinations such as Nacpan Beach. Transportation, food and accompanying tour guide come I one affordable package.

Taraw Trekking
Climb a top famous Taraw Cliff and explore what El Nido has to offer aside from seas and sands.

Enjoy ziplining in Marimeg-meg Beach and see the stunning view of the Islands from above. Motor transport and tour assistance can be arranged for you by our team.

Airline Ticketing
We offer assistance in booking your airfare tickets in our airline of choice. Provide us with your trip details and we shall help you come up with quotations from different air transport carries that fly to and from Puerto Princesa and/ or directly to El Nido.

Van Transfer
Ocean vista Inn is connected to trusted local transport business that will take care of your van transfer to and from El Nido.